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Our Instructors!

Judo Instructors DeLand

The instructors of Coram Deo Martial Arts welcome you!

Christian Martial Arts In DeLand, FL

Learn how to defend yourself and expand your faith with the Christian martial arts program at Coram Deo Martial Arts in DeLand, and it's surrounding areas such as Orange City and Deltona, Florida. Whether you seek individual self-defense classes or a seminar for your group, we provide a range of programs to suit your needs.

A Different Type of Ministry

From powerful prayer sessions to action-packed martial arts demonstrations, members of our ministry use their unique gifts to present the gospel while promoting physical fitness, good nutrition, and mental discipline.

To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to martial artists, so their lives can become holy and pleasing to Him.

To transform the understanding of martial arts back to it's biblical meaning and purpose as a defense of God's holiness and truth.

We aim to make a difference in the lives of others with dynamic motivational speakers, customized Bible lessons, or extended evangelical meetings.

Instruction & Inspiration
Middle schoolers and senior citizens alike can benefit from martial arts training, especially when it helps you connect with Christ. We offer classes for men, women, and teens, and presentations for schools or businesses.

We offer instruction in the Olympic sport of judo.

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